Generative AI Voices for apps and games

Easily add the world’s most expressive, natural, and unique AI-generated voices and synthetic speech to any app, game, website, or media project with our API
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Voice Conversion
Add Speech to Speech conversion into your app
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Expressive TTS
Convert any text into expressive Speech
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Extensive Voice Library
Select from a huge selection of expressive and unique voices
How does it work?
Choose the perfect voice for your use case
Our API includes a state-of-the-art selection of male, female, and unique synthetic character voices that can be used to add natural and expressive speech into your app, game, or project
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Voice Sample
Convert Speech or use TTS
Bring your voice to life by converting existing or new voice recordings into your selected character voice through Voice to Voice conversion or selecting any text to be transformed into your character’s voice with Text to Speech
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Voice Sample
Voice Sample
Instant Iteration and Incredible Flexibility
Generate expressive and dynamic speech instantly and at 99% lower cost compared to manual voice recordings and have the flexibility to easily iterate and tweak your recordings whenever you decide
Use Cases
Content, Media, Entertainment
Provide lifelike voices to a variety of characters or avatars in short and long form animated content, training and educations videos, or within games to save time and money
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Why use our API?
Avoided Synthetic Speech because it sounded robot-like and non expressive? Give our API a try and easily add synthetic speech into your app, game, or project
State-of-the-Art Voices
Utilize our incredibly expressive and unique voices
Flexibility & Fast iterations
Easily iterate
Voice to Voice Conversion
For the first time ever, add V2V directly into your App
Reduce Costs
> 99% lower cost compared to manual recordings
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